Star ball snack


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Distributor toys are real essentials to make available to the dog, especially when you are away so that your companion does not suffer the pangs of boredom linked to loneliness.

The game accessory in the form of a ball is particularly effective because of its shape ensuring random trajectories and distribution which will effectively stimulate your four-legged friend.

Made of rubber by the German brand Trixie, the Snack ball for dogs has an opening to facilitate filling.

Star ball dog snack
Made from natural rubber
Allows long moments of play thanks to the integrated star-shaped obstacle
Ensures quick and efficient filling via its opening
The ergonomics of the accessory guarantees quality entertainment
Recommended for dogs that are overweight or lack exercise
Trains ingenuity and skill
The ball allows extra play: rolls smoothly and jumps irregularly
Mental and physical stimulation
Trains ingenuity and skill
Colors according to arrival
Size: 9cm


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