Rope for large dog


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A real moment of complicity and a well-being accessory, the Play Rope is excellent for entertainment, canine education and the maintenance of dental health.

It is ideal and even essential to fight dental plaque and clean your dog’s teeth.

This rope toy can be chewed without moderation. It is recommended by veterinarians for the dental hygiene of dogs. It’s a nifty chew toy that massages gums and helps your dog’s jaw develop while cleaning their teeth.

An excellent chew toy for his dental hygiene, the rope also strengthens your dog’s gums.

Rope King Size 2 knots for dog
Super size special large dog and big dog
Perfect for toss and fetch games
Used for learning jaw strength
Chewing rope that cleans teeth like dental floss: combines play with dental hygiene
Strong braided rope that stimulates and occupies your dog
Ropes are beneficial for your dog’s jaw development
Allows interaction between master and dog
2 sizes available: 100 or 130 cm.


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