Plush Sloth for dog


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Having always lived with his mother and siblings, the puppy will have to deal with separation and loneliness during adoption.

To reduce the harmful effects of these traumas, it is strongly recommended that you provide a soft toy to help your pet regulate their emotions.

In addition, the plush will help your young animal to:

Decrease stress.
Encourage social behaviors.
Promote dental maintenance.
Solicit the action of the jaw muscles.
Generously soft and resistant, the Sloth soft toy for dogs from perfectly meets the needs of your young four-legged friend.
Plush Sloth for dog
Made of soft and strong polyester
Soft and padded comforter
Reduces stress and anxiety caused by loneliness
Ensures dental health and hygiene by allowing chewing
Avoid boredom and destructive behavior
White colour


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