Meerkat giant plush


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A gregarious animal, the loneliness of the dog is a stressful learning process that can be long and must be supervised correctly in order to avoid behavioral problems (destruction, hyper-vocalization, uncleanliness…).

Allowing a multitude of behaviors, the plush is one of the essential elements to put in place as soon as your animal arrives in the home.

Indeed, the dog comforter will be beneficial for:

expression of social behavior.
stress reduction.
chewing activity.
Made from a soft and resistant material, the meerkat soft toy from  includes a sound effect to stimulate your animal.
Meerkat soft toy for dog
Made from extremely soft polyester
Bite resistant material
Aid in the expression of social behaviors
Promotes your pet’s well-being
Avoid boredom and destruction
Reduces the risk of stress related to loneliness
Color: BROWN and WHITE


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