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The phases of play are essential to consolidate the bonds with your dog but also to reduce the stress which could be caused.

This tumbling egg for dogs is also an ideal treat dispenser to avoid boredom and thus provide entertainment for hours. The toy protects your dog from gluttony via openings to regulate the flow of treats or kibble.

snack egg for dogs
This toy allows you to distribute your dog’s favorite treats, kibble
Your dog will do anything to knock the treats out of this egg and avoid boredom
Ideal to help with your dog’s weight management
Recommended for dogs that are overweight or lack exercise
Trains ingenuity and skill
This egg has 4 removable plates with openings that regulate the flow of treats
The + of the toy: With different levels of difficulty depending on the combination of plates
Treats fall to the bottom with the tumbling motion of the egg
It can be screwed open
Plastic egg sold with instructions for dog training
Size: 13cm


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